You know, I’m always kind of surprised that with all the bad rap LoL can get about ragers and trolls, when I play at level 15, it really breaks down into about the same demographics as any other MMO. You’ve got a couple people raging, a few more trolling, a friendly bunch, your typical minorities, and a large number of people who only talk to say, “GG.”

Or maybe my ELO is just so low from playing so infrequently that I only get to meet casuals like myself.

Speaking of games, though, the anime for Sword Art Online started airing! Despite playing some epic music right from the get go, the first episode really does take its time to set the mood. I’m not unhappy though, because it does it well. A slow build is fine, too. Leaves me plenty of time to get hyped!

Hyped for both the anime and the idea of virtual reality settings, as well as biotechnology in general. It always makes me happy to be someone else’s support in League of Legends, and it makes me even happier to see that we have the inspiration and capacity to build things to that same effect. Is it altruism or egoism to say, “I like helping people helping me?” I guess it’s a bit from column A and a bit from column B.