This game is incredibly fun. Lately I’ve been testing out the partisan-class weapons, and I’ve noticed that their cooldown time on all attacks is so long that there are two opportunities for you to time a Just Attack. The amazing part is that the attacks can all be canceled, and the Photon Arts can be canceled essentially during any frame of the animation. This allows for an incredibly fast-paced attack style darting between enemies and continuously attacking multiple enemies at once.

But the part the really got me was the private rooms. The private rooms are absolutely amazing. The furniture is completely interactive. A friend of mine set up a robot in his room to shout obscene things every 5 seconds, and another friend had me in a laughing fit by setting up a fully operational shopping counter on his balcony.

The game simply feels so interactive, like it’s throwing opportunities at you to enjoy it at any given moment. The emergency quests, the interrupt missions, the weather, the private rooms, at any given moment there is something nice to enjoy about the game, and they’re randomized enough to just feel entirely natural.

Comment from CeleryTea:

dont forget the cast of characters! maru is my favorite!