General trends: Supply of raw materials increased, price of raw materials decreased, price of cash shop items increased. This is consistent with what I have expected, though I did not expect to have to consider Macca trade and Cash Shop trade as what is essentially two separate AS/AD models. The labor force for plasma farming has increased with the population, increasing supply for raw materials and demand for cash shop items, resulting in something like so:

However, I believe this is a bit too optimistic. While the labor force increasing will lower resource cost and increase demand, the supply will not necessarily increase. This is because the MegaTen economy is limited by the number of weapon/arms makers and cash shop spending. All that will really happen is the ratchet effect as the economy is pulled back towards FE. Even should the economy grow, the weapons produced by the Macca economy are inferior goods, and demand will decrease as income increases, canceling out its own gains while demand for Cash shop items increases, pulling the price higher and higher. This will not spiral off infinitely, however. As increasing prices lead players to either quit or become cash shop players themselves, the population of players using Macca will decrease, lowering demand. When demand decreases, cash shop players will either quit or use Macca. This cycle of leaving players may or may not balance out population growth. The current boom in players is a result of the transfer from Aeria to Atlus, and we have yet to see its long-term effects. To be honest, it may have only accelerated the inevitable.