So, it has been a few days since the new Megaten: Imagine launched on Atlus servers, and very little has changed. There’s marginally more activity, but the cash shop prices are about the same as before, and the economy is just as absurd, if not even more strained than before. The demand for money has increased with the population, but the money supply has not increased at all. The two communities appear to be meshing nicely and without issue, but that doesn’t particularly help the fact that Megaten was already beyond what was sustainable to begin with.

Comment from continue:

Well, that’s a nice little bit of economics review before my upcoming tests. Things should return to normal after the next couple of weeks. And yes, that Lily Rain project that CeleryTea went and posted a preview of is probably what will be the predominant topic. I did admittedly post a couple of allusions to the project myself, though.

It just occurred to me that I sound remarkably… normal.