Soup. A nice little medley of thoughts for the evening, nothing very solid.

Words have power, but staying power often isn’t determined by the words themselves, but how they’re presented. We like good form, but not too much of it. A sense of what is natural yet poised is just as important as the words themselves.

A bit more progress on the compilation:

Now with names. I do intend to go back and add supporting characters, which is somewhat ironic because just about every one of these is a supporting character in one way or another.

EvanAwake’s album, Minowa, came out recently. It is again, unbelievably, free.

The Hunger Games movie had excellent casting.

Snow was sinister, but not quite evil.

Katniss did miss out on a couple of the details of inner thoughts, but otherwise she expressed nearly all of the emotions Katniss faced in the book.

Peeta was strong, yet frail.

I suppose that’s all on my mind at the moment, besides this one quote I heard myself say earlier.

“I’m living on memories at the moment.”