So, one notable thing that occurred during Anime Matsuri was that I took a great interest in the Steampunk genre. Namely, I went to a number of panels hosted by the Airship Isabella, a Texas-based Steampunk company. A number of the panels involved roleplaying, from character and world building all the way up to group interaction, which ended up being something like an improv comedy class. I had taken a theatre class once before in middle school, but it had never really occurred to me that cosplaying was live performance. Out on the convention floor, the Airship Isabella (and any other cosplayers out there) is either in character or out of character, and they are always ready to roll. That’s what I like about conventions and ASI’s Steampunk world. Everybody performs together, spontaneous, inclusive, and massively multiplayer. It’s a hell of a lot of fun.

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I never realized how much useful junk I had laying around before this.