Why don’t I ever hear about rappers like this getting famous? Are we so inflexible that the record companies feel the need to sell homogenized, stereotyped versions of our own culture back to us instead of letting it blend? You have to wonder whether we’ve fallen into a pattern of pirating music because the music is free or because the music is only available online. Maybe it’s for both of those reasons and still legal.

I think the irony here is that I oppose SOPA even though none of the music I listen to is licensed by the lobbyists supporting it.

Or maybe it’s not ironic at all.

Maybe I’m not doing this for my own benefit.

Maybe I’m doing it because I think it’s the right thing to do.

Then again, words are subjective.

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In my opinion, if they want to govern the internet, they’re free to do so once they put in a bill of rights.