Now, if there’s one thing I appreciate about the Mega Garapon with Resha and Eris in it, it’s the sidegraded versions of previously released robots. Each of the gold-tier robots have a significant change to their mechanics compared to the original. However, I’m finding that a lot of people fail to appreciate two of my favorite robots: Nicole Malice Skull and Pepo Pucci Candy.

I, for one, wouldn't send such a cute character to the front lines.

The rationale is that they’re simply weaker. They do less damage and are overall poorer at taking down specific targets. However, in return, they charge their special abilities more quickly, the really quite obvious tradeoff between damage per burst and firing interval. There are other minor changes besides this, but this is the main difference.

This difference allows these characters to put out a consistent barrage of covering fire from behind front lines, rather than a few powerful bursts of damage, emphasizing their supporting role over the role people prefer to play: frontline nuking. In regards to that role, they have been downgraded tremendously. But I believe that is completely appropriate considering that they are, in fact, support-type robots.

It’s just that not everybody plays with a mindset suited to support.