This game, for many people, represents a lot of moral controversy.

I have to admit that I, myself, have mixed feelings about this game.

But I don’t question whether it’s moral treatment of the disabled. For me, playing this type of game entails being the main character on all levels. For me, a visual novel is just as interactive as any other game, but on an emotional level rather than a rational level. It’s an exercise of empathy rather than a test of skills. I don’t worry about how the disabled are treated because when I’m in the game, I see that they are treated very well.

I have a different problem, one that you might have already guessed at.

Am I a fake person?

Each route is a different person with different feelings. Can more than one exist without there being fakes?

Sure, maybe I’m taking things a bit too seriously.

But it’s also true that when we speak of interactive media, we seldom speak of strictly empathetic interaction.

I honestly don’t believe in media that isn’t interactive.

I do, however, believe that people can choose not to be interactive.

Comment from continue:

To clarify, the thought, “Am I a fake person?” is a problem I’ve had in real life  prior to playing Katawa Shoujo. Empathy is something I’ve had to relearn, so naturally, I’ve wondered if it’s just something I affect or something real. But I’ve already found my answer. Playing Katawa Shoujo just made me reminisce a bit.