A decision to lose an arm is clearly indicative of a more serious mental disorder, and the game simply served as a trigger. Blaming it on the game is just a way to save face.

Additionally, the game is supposedly restricted to 18+ like all other adult content, and use of a loaded word like “seducing” and categorizing it with Rapelay is deliberately misleading. The developers have noted that the game would be equally effective without the sexual content, and there is in fact an option to disable that content.

In addition, a number of unbiased reviews have actually noted that the game does not focus on the fact that most of the characters are in some way disabled; in fact, the developers made a large effort to research how people dealt with disabilities and portray them in a sincere and respectful manner, to treat them as normal people, to treat disabled people in a way I actually find lacking in this article.

It’s understandable that people immediately imagine perversion from the name, and it’s understandable that a news source wouldn’t have any real source of information on a visual novel, but it still irks me that an article can be so deliberately inflammatory.

(Also, the developers are Westerners.)

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This is somewhat reminiscent of CNN’s “Bad Apple” fact-checking failure. My greatest annoyance lies in carelessness and a lack of any real effort to find a source who directly deals with the subject matter in question, and I have to question again whether Congress really knows what they’re doing with SOPA. I’ve been reassured that our Congressmen have aides who actually understand the meta of the internet, and there are Congressmen like Rep. Jared Polis who have actually made a living in the field, but I have to draw attention to the fact that when the subject matter in question is made by and for younger age groups, deference to seniority actually opposes real progress.